A very Winchester Playlist

Music is one of the biggest parts of our DNA here at The Stable. We may be pizza-loving cider makers but we’re also big music appreciators! We have our own Music Master system to keep the tunes rolling throughout the week.  We’re currently in the process of making our own Winchester playlist! So, I reached out to our lovely Stablehands, Supervisors and Managers for song suggestions, and asked them what the song means to them and why they wanted it added. 

Ciara – Social Media Guru & Stablehand
Nightmare – Halsey:
“I understand that this would be more of a Friday/Saturday but I think Nightmare is an extremely insane song! It felt like such a left turn for Halsey and her sound, but it also made absolute sense? It’s an important song for women to hear, almost like a big sister is shouting this important information at you in the lyrics but the beat is also insanely catchy. It’s one of the best records Halsey has put out to date and I would love it to pump everyone up at work!”


Cal – Stablehand
She’s Casual – The Hunna:
“This song by The Hunna is one of those songs that you would associate with your rebellious teen phase: “it’s not a phase mum”. You could be mistaken that this a slower-paced song perhaps not meant for an up-beat situation, but the drums and guitar kick in and the song is lifted to a summer tune that you could sing along to with the car windows rolled down… or in our case, the bay doors open. Considering we like providing a unique experience here at The Stable this song would be perfect to play on one of our later nights as we hand out pints of cider during this hot summer weather.”


Emily – Stablehand
Million Pieces – Bastille:
Emily has picked this song by Bastille saying that it is a “really good, upbeat, feel good song”.  Whenever you see Emily at work she has a smile on her face, so I like to think that she has this song playing in her head at all times. The lyrics in this song whilst at first seem quite sad, the tune and melody make the song seem rather upbeat and inspiring rather than sad. It is a perfectly constructed song that our staff would be dancing along to as we serve.


Andy – Stablehand
Heaven Is A Place On Earth – Belinda Carlisle:
We could not tell you why Andy chose this song. You’ve probably seen Andy feature a lot on our social media, so it makes sense that he’s picked the most out of the blue song. Nevertheless, this is an actual tune. Whether it reminds you of school discos or partying with your mates, this song is a party anthem that gets everyone involved. It’s along the lines of Africa by Toto and Time Warp. It’s an absolute banger and we refuse to hear any different.  


Sazz – Stablehand
Islands – The xx:
“This is one of the more mellow songs that the band has released. It fits the vibe of our site perfectly. It’s from their self-titled album and used to feature on the original Winchester site when we first opened ? It’s an upbeat song and is perfect for both the weekdays and weekends and it’s just a happy song in general!”


Tom – Junior Sous Chef
Bang Bang Bang – Mark Ronson, The Business Intl.:
“I’d been trying to remember the name of this song for a solid year and then one day our amazing manager Matt decided to play it whilst he was going through the kitchen and it MADE MY DAY. After a year of searching I finally found this song so it’s my choice for that reason and that reason alone!”


Em – Cider Master
Mother Tongue – Bring Me The Horizon:
“I asked if I could put some of their old stuff as my choice, but our Social Media Guru said no so this is my next choice! Mother Tongue is one of the latest tracks released by Bring Me The Horizon from their new album. It HUGELY differs from their old stuff but in a good way, it shows the progression of them as a band and it makes this album even more special!” 

Bring Me the Horizon